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Military Salute: Hunter Army soldiers rescue women

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It was Tuesday afternoon when Army Spc. Jeremy Wagner was called to action.

"Everything happened so fast, my adrenalin was pumping," Wagner said.

A neighbor first noticed smoke coming from a home located on Hunter Army airfield and alerted authorities. Wagner was one was of the first to arrive at the scene.

"When I got on scene, I could hear the dog scratching at the door, so I thought there was a good chance there could be a person in there, too," he said.

The house was quickly filling with smoke.

"I booted in the door. After that, I got sucked in by the backdraft," said Wagner. "The flames came out around the corner from the kitchen. I grabbed the dog and gave it to the neighbor."

Wagner called out to the homeowner as he searched the house. With each second that passed, it was getting harder to breathe and panic was setting in.

"I tried to go in again and came out and started passing out," said Wagner. "(Sgt. Aaron Hill saw) me struggling and took it upon himself being the soldier he is and accomplished the mission."

"I thought she was hurt and ran in after the other soldiers couldn't find her," said Sgt. Aaron Hill. "Bad things kept going through my head so I was like let me go there and try to help

Hill lives next door and knew his neighbor needed help.

"There was a lot of black smoke going up the steps, but I heard her up there so just ran up as quick as I could, got her and got out of there before I could get burned," Hill said.

The soldiers say they didn't think twice about putting their lives in danger to help a neighbor.

"Someone's life more important and a of course the do," said Spc. Wagner.

For their heroic actions, WTOC gives a Military Salute to Sgt. Hill and and Spc. Wagner.

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