Mother Outraged Over Richmond Hill Bus Incident

Zekyra and Zondra Green
Zekyra and Zondra Green

A mother in Richmond Hill is outraged after finding out her five-year-old daughter was asked to urinate in a cup in front of other students. It happened last week when the kindergartner was riding home on the school bus. Zondra Green says she is not very happy and fears this experience may traumatize her daughter Zekyra for the rest of her life.

Now, it's a daily ritual for Zekyra and her mother to sit down and talk about what happened in school that day. But last week it was devastating for Zondra to hear from her kindergartner. "She told the bus driver she had to go to the bathroom and the bus driver said it wasn't her problem," Zondra told us.

Zekyra says instead, the bus driver told her to use a cup her brother had used for his Valentine's Day project. When Zondra heard the news, she wasn't happy. "It's very hurtful, because I feel my baby was violated," she said.

Zondra says every time she has tried to talk to her daughter about the incident, Zekyra breaks down in tears. She fears this is an experience that will haunt her daughter. "I know she has mixed feelings because she had to take her pants off in front of a busload of children, so how is that supposed to teach her good touch, bad touch?"

Zondra has tried to get a copy of the surveillance video from the school bus but was told she is not allowed to see it at this time. We did contact the Bryan County Board of Education today and the superintendent says they are investigating the matter.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,