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Congressman Tim Scott visits Beaufort


Big political changes are happening in Beaufort County as the state gains a new Congressional seat. Through re-districting, Congressman Tim Scott will become Beaufort's representative in Washington next year, instead of Congressman Joe Wilson. Wednesday, Congressman Scott made a visit to Beaufort for one of his first public appearances.

Congressman Tim Scott says he has made several trips to Beaufort recently to talk with officials. He says that he was excited to get the opportunity to meet with the business community to answer questions and hear about the issues that are important to them.

Scott made his rounds in Beaufort, talking with the business community at the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce's Breakfast Forum and getting to know more about the area that will soon be part of his district.

"Just making sure I have a good picture and strong footprint based on the folks who are here," said Scott. "I'm here to be a conduit and I want to be a conduit for the success of the area."

The Congressman shared his views on a number of hot topics including national security, the economy, and the need to create jobs.

"My perspective is a good economy makes all things possible so the question is, what makes a good economy here?" said Scott. "I want to make sure we tie it to our national interest and when we do so, we can be a conduit for the resources necessary to flow to our communities."

"Beaufort has a dynamic opportunity that we need to excavate and I want to be a part of that process," said Scott. "When you think about the jobs and the economy here, what a wonderful opportunity when you think about the military presence. We need to strengthen it and make sure the $500 billion cut doesn't have a negative impact as much as possible. Tourism is still a great arm here as well and there are so many assets I need to become familiar with."

Many who attended the breakfast were excited to hear what Scott had to say.

"He is becoming our new representative when they do the redistricting," said Ann Ubelis. "I wanted to know how knowledgeable he was in the area and how interested he was to be interactive with us."

Ubelis says she looks forward to having Scott represent the area.

"Very positive, I'm very optimistic," said Ubelis.

Others who attended say while they'll miss Congressman Joe Wilson, they're optimistic about the future.

"Joe really worked for the lowcountry and we'll miss him," said Frank Gibson. "He's done a great job. Congressman Scott will also do a great job. He's very energetic, very articulate, has a very good staff, and is knowledgeable."

After speaking at the Chamber's Breakfast, Congressman Scott toured Parris Island and Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort since they play such an important part in the community and in the country.

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