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Editorial Salute - 1/12/12

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From Post-Vietnam forward, far too many character-deficient Americans have chosen to exaggerate their military service, most often also fabricating their receipt of medals for combat actions.  Such deception, always done for personal gain, from falsely-created public respect and admiration, to  fraudulently-derived financial benefit. Military "communities," and veteran's organizations are tight-knit groups, able, thankfully, to smoke out most of these make-believers, later confronting, and demonstrating that the medal claims were false, the person had not actually been deployed, or was never even in the military at all!

Attempting to stop such hoaxes, Congress passed the Stolen Valor Act in 2005, making it a federal crime to lie about receiving a combat-related medal.  But flawed-delusionals continue to pop-up.  Next month, the Supreme Court will hear one such case, involving a California faker, who actually ran for local political office, no less, while claiming he was a Medal of Honor recipient, the nation's highest, when in fact, he was never even in  service at all.  But, unbelievably, a lower court sided with this individual, saying that his false claims had Freedom of Speech protection.  The judge actually ruled his medal-fabrication was no worse than lying about his weight!  Recall that the above decision was rendered in California, our 57-state, and by a judge, who, like others of his ilk, has a deck count that never comes close to 52.

Those who fake combat medals diminish the value and esteem duly-earned by the generations of our heroes, who've risked their lives, or lost them, in selfless acts of valor, protecting their buddies and proudly serving our nation.  It should be the hope of us all, that common sense and legal precedent will prevail in the Supreme Court's decision.

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