Richmond Hill Bus Incident Update

We have more information on a story you saw only on WTOC yesterday. Last week, a five-year-old girl was told to urinate in a cup by her school bus driver. Now, many are wondering just what a driver should do when a child has to go. The standard procedure in a situation like this depends. We did speak with a few bus drivers today. They all agreed, although this is a tough but common situation, none of them would have done what Zekyra Green's bus driver did.

Janie Jackson has been a school bus driver for the last 14 years. She says small children having to use the bathroom during a bus trip is all too common, but handing a child a cup to urinate is anything but. She said she'd tell the child, "'Try to hold it. I'll take you home in just a moment.' Maybe reroute to take them home first. I could not tell a child to use a cup."

While many are outraged with Zekyra's experience, according to behavioral and developmental pediatrician Doris Greenberg, this experience won't necessarily traumatize the five-year-old. "You can take an embarrassing situation and downplay it so it won't be the most important event that happened in a child's life all year," she said.

Zondra Green says the humiliation and embarrassment her daughter went through may not last a lifetime for Zekyra, but it will for her. "If she had an accident, she had an accident, that's fine," she said. "I would've cleaned it up. She should've told her to hold it as long as she could."

For a mom, the whole handling of this situation by Bryan County schools has been nothing but a further aggravation. "I didn't get any satisfaction from the superintendent," Zondra said.

We spoke to Zondra today and, for the second day in a row, she has asked the Bryan County Board of Education to view the surveillance video from the school bus. They are still not allowing her to watch it. WTOC has also tried to contact the board of education several times today. They have not returned any of our calls.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,