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Editorial - 1/16/12

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Recently, the President chose to make four recess-appointments, which the Constitution allows, but only when the confirming-body, the Senate, is in recess.  Itty-bitty little problem: the Senate wasn't.   Making those intentional, end-run appointments, un-Constitutional, argue many legal experts.  That is, if anyone, other than pro-America patriots, still respects our brilliant founding-document, which the White House doesn't, considering it to be locked in the past, rather than "living," which it isn't.  This action, do recall the health mandate, again aims to side-step our Constitution, along with, in this case, ignoring the Senate's legal role, and that bothersome separation of powers thing. The President said he had a (quote):  "obligation to do what (he) could without (Congress)."  Less an obligation, than an imperial compulsion.  An ironic power-assumption, given that the Dems controls the Senate, the very target of his nose-thumbing.  Our stodgy, old, non-trendy Constitution, assigns our President's this "obligation:"  To "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution." Nowhere does it grant the "obligation" to ignore.     

And regarding our nation's defense, the President, despite his outward, photo-op appearances, sees our military as tolerable, best case, with the welcome chance, now, to reduce it. Thus, after three-years of making our economic status far worse, he plans to impose huge cuts on our nation's defense, rather than reducing or reforming our increasingly-bloated, dependency-insuring, domestic give-aways.  Heaven forbid we'd make anyone feel less entitled to non-stop hand-outs.   Said he at a recent fundraiser (quote):  "In this election, everything we fought for is now at stake."  Yes, and may that stake host an electoral-bonfire to remove those vanities.

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