Fit Club: 28 day challenge teamwork

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - We are one week in the 28 day fit club challenge.

This weekend challengers were taken through 2 grueling workouts, they learned teamwork and determination are key in achieving your weight loss goals.

Some Fit Club challengers are learning it's easier to stay motivated and get fit when they workout with a partner.

"It makes our relationship better," said Jamie Ward. "We have fun working out together. It is good to have a partner and it makes it fun to have a partner to workout with."

Janet Ward and her daughter Jamie spent Saturday morning getting tough under the direction of Erin Dalton at 180 Fitness in Statesboro.

"It makes our relationship better," said Ward. '"We have fun working out together."

This mom-daughter team says they are able to train harder as they encourage each other along the way.

"She kinda pushes me beyond what I like to stop at," said Janet Ward. "So I just listen to her and keep going and it feels good afterwards."

Nearly 40 challengers were craving that endorphin high, as they took the challenge to train like a pro at D1 Sports in Savannah.

"It is tiring at the beginning, tiring at the end, but I feel good afterwards and I will be sore tomorrow," said Chris Casebeer.

Challengers were taken through 4 intense circuits that incorporated weight lifting, agility and speed drills, and even some tire flipping.

"The main thing we wanted to do is give a good sampling of what we have to offer," said D1 Sports Savannah Facility Coordinator Robert Creel. "We had to take into consideration we didn't know the fitness level of everyone, everything we did had to be able to be modified."

"They had a lot of variety, as far as rolling tires and jumping in and out of a ladder," said Casebeer.

At first challengers seemed a little overwhelmed but by working as a team and encouraging one another they were able to push through

"Just knowing you shouldn't hold back," said Creel. "You can push through and be in the shape you want to be in, if you have the determination."

These challengers are driven to take their fitness to the next level.

The next free boot camp hosted by the WTOC Fit Club 28 Day Challenge will be held at Black Creek Fitness in Ellabell this Saturday at 10 am. Mr. Georgia 2009 Adam Lane will take participants through an hour boot camp.

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