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Editorial feedback: 1/9/11

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I like your 1-9-12 editorial. It hits it right on the head.

But then, who cares ? I just looked at your editorial replies, and guess what ?

The last one was from 10-31-11.

Seems like everbody is content with the current situation, even though the nation is awash in corruption and choking on its own godless rhetoric and agenda. It should be obvious that the godless are running this country, obvious to some. Why does every government think they are or have the answer when the opposite is true, time and time again.

On my last reply from 8-29-11, I reported that the Fed workers were 4,311.805... oh look it has incresed to 4,326.993 The second part of your editorial is even better.  I like: Self-preservation-triggered vermin disposal. What a smart young lady. Not only did she send him to Satanville, but, at the same time saved the state of Oklahoma millions. She should get the Black-flag medal. Oh yes, one more thing: the "slug" will never enter another house again to rob, murder and steal, guaranteed !

Now THAT is justice.

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