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Bryan County residents fearful of recent kidnappings


Many who live in Bryan county are on edge knowing someone is targeting business people, kidnapping and robbing them.

The FBI is still being very tight lipped about these cases. There have been at least two confirmed cases where Bryan county business leaders were kidnapped and it has been independently confirmed the victims involved are ok.

One of those business owners is from Richmond Hill and now many people living there are fearful they may be the next target.

While many people in Richmond Hill go about their daily routine, there are some who worry and wonder just how safe are they.

"I think it's important that everybody in the community be aware, so they are on guard," said an anonymous source.

With the recent reports of kidnappings of a couple of prominent Bryan county business owners, this Richmond Hill woman wanted to conceal her identity, we'll call her Denise. She thinks it's time to protect her neighbors.

"It's a small community and people need to know so they can take extra caution and look for suspicious people," said Denise. "Look for people around that they haven't seen before."

On Wednesday, the FBI confirmed they are investigating those reports of kidnappings, but would not release much else. Denise says the FBI may not be talking but it's the talk of the town in Richmond Hill.

"Around Christmas time, I heard about a kidnapping/burglary of a local business man who lives on the Ogeechee river, " said Denise. "That he and his wife were held and bound, robbed of valuables and they were held hostage overnight. The next day, he was forced to go to an ATM's to drain money from his accounts."

We talked to that victim. He told us the FBI told him not to talk to anyone about what happened until they can make an arrest.

But when Denise and others heard the same people may have kidnapped and robbed another business owner and his wife in Pembroke over the weekend, she just had come forward.

"It's unsettling," said Denise. "It's not run of the mill robbery, this is something being done by professionals. They know what they are looking for. They are bold. They are brazen."

WTOC is continuing to talk with the FBI and the communities where these kidnappings have happened. Check back for more of the latest developments.

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