Editorial - 1/23/12

A media-fueled, wadded-panty tremor rattled the prissy, when video surfaced of  four Marine-warriors in Afghanistan allegedly urinating on dead Taliban, the   militant-Islamic affiliate of the al-Qaeda-led, death-to-America-and-everyone-else,  gang of anti-freedom thugs.  Forgetting that we're literally in a war to the finish with fundamentalist-rogues, both here, in Afghanistan, Iraq (which clearly we left too soon), and other simmering-spots, castigation of these young Marines rose in a chorus of the clueless, those who can't stop trying to sanitize war, believing that if only we'd play nice, those intent on destroying us would too!   For anyone longing  for the return of chivalry in battle, largely a fiction of literature, this dose of reality.  Live by that code from the past, you'll die by it today.

Does anyone actually think this incident is even close to the first or worst case of so-called "desecration" of enemy war-dead ? This is so incredibly-minor compared to those throughout the history of war-fighting, lest we forget the dragged, charred or beheaded bodies of Americans so proudly displayed by enemy barbarians in more current times.  If you haven't actually been on the killing-fields of combat, haven't seen buddies blown-apart, or sustained injury yourself, then button it! You have no more standing to condemn, than you do to vote without knowledge, a citizen-lemming running over the political cliff, the same precarious path down-which our nation is being led today. Our men who exhibited poor judgment should get a hand-slap, and nothing more. And, shame on us for making it a concern, rather than focusing more broadly on freedom's fight, and the painful-array of problems here at home.  If crippling-debt, inept politics, and gutting our military don't destroy us, once again, our absurd and dangerous devotion to political-correctness surely will.