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Editorial Salute - 1/26/12

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Once again, America's Navy SEALS have successfully carried out an heroic mission.  Last October, a Somali gang took an American and a Danish aid- worker hostage, sadly proving, once again, that bad things can happen to good people.  And speaking of great people, this week, a team of our elite,  special-operations forces, SEALS along with other members of that community called "special" for a reason, assaulted the captive site, dispatching nine Somali thugs, wounding several others in the fire-fight, while rescuing the American and Dutch hostage, miraculously unharmed.  Planning, training, skill, courage and remarkable intel, produced a happy ending to a very dangerous situation abroad, yet another dramatic example of the power and superb abilities of our best in the world military.

Moving on to the Mediterranean, and also this week, the U.S. Navy amphibious ship, "Mesa Verde," rescued ten Moroccan fisherman, whose boat had succumbed to stormy-seas, leaving them stranded for several days without  food nor water, even as other vessels in the vicinity failed to help.  Navy medical personnel treated the men for exposure, prior to their safe  transfer to Spain's Coast Guard.  Whether war-fighting, terrorism-busting, or humanitarian assistance, there are no finer at it on the planet, than the men and women of America's incredible military.

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