Fit Club: Black Creek Fitness

ELLABELL, GA (WTOC) - Are you up for the challenge to get fit?

For the past few weeks we have been highlighting some great gyms in our area hosting boot camps as part of the WTOC 28 Day Fit Club challenge.

This week we visit Black Creek Fitness in Ellabell where community support plays a huge role in achieving your fitness goals.

Dancing to the beats of Latin music, Angel Shurling gets this group of challengers warmed up for the 28 Day Fit Club Challenge Boot Camp at Black Creek Fitness in Ellabell.

We are two weeks into the challenge and people are already starting to see the changes.

"I am feeling really good about myself, about me and wanting to lose weight and be in better shape," said Kathie Stevens.

Stevens traveled all the way from Beaufort to participate in this week's boot camp led by Mr. Georgia, Adam Lane.

"We weight trained, we ran, it was awesome today," said Stevens. "I enjoyed it. I look forward to next week."

What Stevens is looking forward to most, like many challengers, is being able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle year round.

"I wanted to better myself, that is why I joined," said Stevens. "I am glad I did."

By getting active, challengers are not only sculpting better bodies, they are becoming more mindful of how they fuel their bodies.

"It is changing my eating habit," said Stevens. "The way I used to eat, I don't want to eat like that anymore. I want to be healthy. I have 5 grand kids. I want to be able to play with them and not be to tired. I want to have the energy to keep up with my grand kids."

In order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, Kim Blocker, the Vice President of Black Creek Fitness, says a proper diet is key.

"You can't do without a proper diet," said Blocker. "You can exercise, but if you aren't eating healthy, you aren't going to achieve the goals you want to achieve. It needs to be a well rounded program you are on."

"It's choices," said Stevens. "We have to change our choices. We have to make better choices. It's not that hard."

Making healthy choices isn't as hard as you think, the key is planning ahead.

The next free 28 Day Challenge Boot Camp will be held at the Richmond Hill YMCA at 10 a.m. this Saturday.

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