Georgia Flag Back on the Ballot

Georgia voters will have two decisions to make on Super Tuesday: who will be the Democratic candidate for president, and what should the state flag look like? Voters can choose either the current flag or the flag picked by former governor Roy Barnes.

Some say it's a major issue that still needs to be dealt with. Others say it's just a waste of time and money. It hasn't even been flying for a year yet, but the current Georgia state flag is back on the ballot. It's a vote many didn't particularly care on making. "I really didn't come to vote for the flag issue," said Myrtle Montague, a Savannahian who hit the polls early today.
"I came to vote for the president of the United States, so I'm okay with the flag."

While voters like Montague wonder what all the controversy is about, more than $300,000 was spent to put up the current flag which could be coming back down. "I really didn't care that much," said Jack Rogers of Chatham County. "I liked the flag that Gov. Barnes put up. As far as I'm concerned, there was nothing wrong with it."

Some say, that since it is a Democratic primary, the previous Democratic governor might stand a good chance of getting his flag back on the pole. Originally changed to remove the Confederate battle emblem, the Barnes flag still has a smaller image of the emblem, and that might still be an issue.

"Most people have come into the 21st century are figuring we've come to a new era in our lives and we don't want to see the Confederate flag because it brings up so many old traditions and old ways that we're trying to get away from," said Montague.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,