Editorial - 1/30/12

After announcing plans to shrink our military, the President, then, rejected the Alberta-tar-sands-to-the-Gulf, Keystone-XL oil-pipeline, deflecting blame from his Teflon White House, by heaping it on every Republican president since Lincoln, as well as Christopher Columbus for discovering America in the first place!  TransCanada Corporation spent the last three-years, and almost $2-billion in private-funding, to gain the required permits.  Due to the project's cross-border status, our State Department twice gave its approval, concluding the project would have "no significant (environmental) impacts." Cue the rampage of the eco-warriors.  State, then, folded, and, the President also said no, per D.C.'s 24/7 politics-above-nation, echo-chamber. So we've now delayed, or lost, an estimated 20-thousand new construction jobs, plus many times that number, in support and supplier personnel.

After jamming his executive cork in the pipeline, the President traveled to Disney World to tout faster processing of visas, hoping to spur more tourism jobs, which generally pay considerably less than those in, oh, let's say, pipeline construction.  Furthering the goal of destroying America's oil and gasoline companies, Dems in Congress have proposed creating a lib-led "Reasonable Profits Board," to further punish, control, then eliminate successful private-sector producers, an anti-freedom scheme only ultra-libs and Karl Marx could love.  So, then, rejected by D.C., Canada now turns even-more to its trading-partner, China, for oil sales, with a possible new-pipeline heading west, not south. This White House, clearly has no intention of reducing our oil dependence on unfriendly nations.  Related, it's once again clear that power-lust, environmental-extremists control D.C., reducing their President to a complaint hand-puppet, dutifully-attired in fetching shades of green.