Someone You Should Know--Susan Howe

Susan Howe
Susan Howe

When Susan Howe stopped teaching high school math, she decided to start her own business. But what makes that so unusual is that she's past retirement age and doing manual labor, by choice. Ten years ago, she started Scapers, a landscape maintenance business. "I decided I wanted to get out and do something where I was free to make things beautiful," she said.

Even though she's in her late 60s, she also decided that she wanted to do a lot of the work. "I do all the mowing and sometimes trimming of the bushes and the flowers," she told us. It's something she just took up on her own in her 50s. "I'd never done it, I was raised on a farm, but I had books and went from there."

She recruited her three sons to help out and they've been in the landscaping business ever since. Zachary Howe says he's proud of his mom's involvement. "A lot of people, when they stop working, they start having health problems. That seems to be the trend, so I think it's wonderful she gets out here," he said.

This isn't the only way Susan gets her exercise. She's also involved in all kinds of indoor outdoor sports. "I go skiing. I do weight lifting. I do sledding," she told us. She also announces little league football in the fall and she's a volunteer coach for the St. Vincent's High School swim team.

"I just love to work, I'm geared to work," she said. "I start early in the morning, coaching swimming, and I work eight to 10 hours a day in landscape and go at night to the pool and coach again."

"It's something she enjoys doing," said son Zachary. "Ever since I've known, she's worked hard all her life."

That makes this hard-worker Someone You Should Know.

Susan also says she plans to enter the lawnmower races in Louisville, Kentucky in July. No woman has ever competed.

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