Former Hilton Head High Teacher Released on Bond

Rebecca Robertson
Rebecca Robertson

Former Hilton Head High School teacher Rebecca Robertson, 25, is out on bond after being arrested yesterday on charges that she had sex with a 15 year old student. The arrest came after weeks of rumors and a criminal investigation. It's been a huge distraction around the school for several weeks now, but that initial shock seems to be wearing off, and kids are starting to focus on the books again.

This morning, Robertson received a $70,000 bond, and was subsequently released on her own recognizance. As she starts to work on her defense, Hilton Head High School is working on recovering. "These things tend to be the talk of the town for several days, and then things kind of die down and frankly, they move on to other things," said parent Jane McKay.

Parents and administrators alike say the student body has reacted fairly well since this all came out just a couple weeks ago. They're getting over the initial shock and of course the initial rumor mill. Dr. Helen Ryan, the school's principal, told us, "The school's main focus right now is getting the students back on track and back into their studies."

To accomplish that, a long-term substitute has been hired to teach Robertson's Spanish class. The kids are still talking, but the school's hoping to put it behind them.

The Parent/Teacher/Student Organization says the most important thing it is make sure parents know what their kids are thinking about it all. "She and I just talked about it. I answered her questions, and she told me what she knew about the situation," said McKay. She adds, if her daughter's a good barometer, the rest of the student body is being mature about the issue.

Rebecca Robertson's next court date is scheduled for late March.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,