Coastal Empire Chapter National Cybersecurity Program Launches

The FBI wants your help to secure cyberspace. They met today at the Savannah field office to introduce the Coastal Empire chapter of InfraGard, a national cooperative among public agencies, businesses and educators to share information and protect against hackers and cyberterrorists.

Officials are holding a public conference this Thursday in Savannah, asking more people to get involved in protecting the crucial technology we rely on every day.

"Without the security in place, we could not function as a society," said chapter president Jim Goodlett. "Think of 911 for instance. What if that was compromised? When you think about the national domain registry, what if that was compromised and you had to get on the internet to find information and that was shut down?"

For more on Thursday's public conference, visit the Coastal Empire InfraGrad site. You can even register online.

Reported by: Charles Gray,