College students campaign for Jasper County casino

JASPER CO., SC (WTOC) - The proposed entertainment hotel and casino resort in Jasper County is still getting a lot of buzz, and a lot of differing opinions. Many Jasper County leaders are for it. Governor Vikki Haley's spokesman says while she's for jobs, The Palmetto State doesn't need to settle for just any jobs.

Now a group of college students are doing their part to help bring it here.

Ryan Baggott is a college student on a mission. After learning about the proposed hotel casino in Jasper County, along with the 4,700 jobs expected to come with it, he and his friends are campaigning hard to make it a reality.

"I really feel like this project could just boost our economy and make way for so many great things and open up so many doors that we can't say no," said Baggott.

To make their voices heard, they've set up a web site and Facebook page for a campaign they're calling Let Us Work. They even made their own video.

"We've set these sites up to promote awareness and educate people that this is not such a bad thing," said Baggott. "It could be a great thing for us. When you look at the number of jobs it would produce and the benefits to the surrounding area, it's tremendous."

They also have an on-line petition up and running, trying to persuade the Governor, who is for more jobs but against the idea of this type of business.

"We want her to really look at the opportunity and benefit that this could bring and we want her to let us work," said Baggott. "When we graduate we want jobs and this will produce thousands of jobs. That's what we need and I'm all for it."

Baggott is in his last semester in the hospitality program at the University of South Carolina Beaufort and says he and the others have a vested interest.

"I love this area," said Baggott. "I'm from here, grew up in Savannah. Between Tybee and Hilton Head, this is my home and I want the place where I live to succeed and not to decrease as it has. This is an opportunity to boost the economy. I could have a job where I graduate."

"We love this area, we love living here and we really want to say here but there's nothing keeping us here," said Juan Jordan.

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