Chase Ends in Crash

Flash Foods is a quiet little convenience store that's tucked away in the corner of a busy Richmond Hill intersection. Every day customers come and go, stopping to get gasoline and maybe a little pizza. But early this morning, someone came in for more. That's when a store clerk found herself looking down the barrel of a gun.

After the two suspects robbed the clerk of an undisclosed amount of cash, they hopped in a truck and took off. That's when Richmond Hill police took off after them. The suspects headed toward Savannah.

After Savannah-Chatham police joined the chase, it finally came to a smashing end when the driver of the truck lost control and crashed on Veterans' Parkway. That's when police arrested Midway resident Tina Cross and a male passenger. Police say they released him because he had nothing to do with the robbery.

While the convenience store may be back to business as usual, the woman who robbed it will not. Tina Cross is now behind bars facing charges of armed robbery.

Richmond hill police are also looking for a third man, Torrance Thorton, wanted for questioning.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,