G-8 Organizers Preparing for Delegations, Press

Over the past few weeks, delegations from around the world have been visiting the Coastal Empire to check out the sites for the G-8 summit. Many of the delegations not only toured the trade center facilities and their hotels, but also some of the famous restaurants in town.

Organizers of the summit were able to learn some valuable lessons from each of the groups and now they will be able to start implementing their plans. "Most of what we learned is they're all very different," said summit spokesman Barry Bennett. "They come in different sizes, they've chosen their hotels, so now they've signed a contract with their hotel rooms and that kind of stuff. We're getting a good picture of how many press, and there's a lot."

Many of the delegations will be returning to the Coastal Empire in the spring. They tell G-8 officials that they are looking forward to enjoying some of the many golf courses in our area.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro, kangelastro@wtoc.com