Search for Missing Woman Goes On

Allyson Romedy
Allyson Romedy

Though it has been nearly two years since she disappeared, Rincon has not forgotten Allyson Romedy. "Not a day goes by that something doesn't remind us," Chief Mike Barton of Rincon PD. At the Rincon police station, her picture hangs in the lobby, where it's been for the last year and half.

The people there, like Sgt. Martin Runge, who has been working Romedy's case since the beginning, are committed to finding her. "Personally, I want something for the family to have closure," he said. "Do I want something solved? Yes, I want it solved, too, but for the person. Where is Allyson? That's something that the family needs to know."

Sgt. Runge has been with the family through searches, meetings, and candlelight vigils, following up on countless leads, hoping something will lead them to Allyson. "Somebody out there knows what happened," Sgt. Runge told us. "And somebody needs to give us that answer. They need to come forward and tell us. Allyson's not here to tell us."

In police work, some cases go unsolved. But Rincon police are determined Allyson's will not be one of them. "She is a missing person, she is a citizen of Rincon," said Sgt. Runge. "That is important to me, to solve that."

"Everything inside me tells me that this one will be solved," said Chief Barton. "Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but this is a small town, somebody heard something."

The family will be holding a candlelight vigil this Saturday, at 7pm in Farmer's Furniture Plaza in Rincon.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,