InSITE--"The Passion" On Line

It's the hottest topic in movies in years, all about the greatest story ever told. Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ." You know if people are talking, they're surfing as well. No surprise that there is a lot, but what there is might surprise you.

Start with the official site. A nice flash animation, and haunting music that plays the whole time you're there. Go to the movie section and there are a few reviews, positive, no surprise. If you don't know the plot, there's a synopsis, and some background on how and where they made the movie. I also found some tidbits about past "Passions" going all the way back to Cecil B. DeMille. Pretty interesting and extensive. There are the usual trailers, and a photo gallery.

This I found interesting. As much as people talk about the religious aspects of the film, there's actually an on line "Passion" store where you can buy the book or coffee mugs or jewelry, prominently featuring crosses, key rings and even nails for the faithful. This is where it gets interesting. There are materials you can buy from the site to share the story, from small reminders, pewter coins to cards to help you spread the word.

It's not all low tech either. There's an entire page of links with material. The buzz through churches and the religious community is no coincidence. The fans and followers have faxes and flyers and emails they're spreading as well. And finally if you want to register at the site, they'll take your information and send you updates, but note at the bottom of the list, you cannot only sign up for info about movies from this company, but on the religious aspects as well. I would expect you'll get on a mailing list, but at least this one won't be about porno or enlarging body parts, unless you count the soul.