Smart Senior Retirement Expo

Members of the baby boom generation are getting ready to retire, but before they do, they have a lot of things to consider, like healthcare. Saint Joseph's/Candler and WTOC came up with a way to give them a hand, by holding the Smart Senior Retirement Expo. It's a place to go to get everything you need to plan for the future.

"The sooner you start saving and the sooner you get organized, the better it's going to be by the time you reach 65, 70, retirement age," said the expo's Pati Keaton.

That's why people like Pam Hannell were there today, making sure she got all the right information. "We're getting certain ages and things are going to start, changes, so we have to prepare for our future," she said.

After you've gone from booth to booth collecting all sorts of information, you can always get a free health screening, because you can never go wrong with preventative medicine. With everything from healthcare to retirement and even vacation planning, this expo has a little something for everyone.

"I think it's a wonderful opportunity for everyone to get out here and see some of the things they originally would not see in your everyday course of life, so I'd welcome all of them to come," said Dr. Irving Victor with St. Joseph's/Candler.

The Smart Senior Retirement Expo continues tomorrow from 9am until 2pm at the National Guard Armory on Eisenhower Drive. It's open to the public and it's absolutely free.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,