Waterfront Association Announces St. Patrick's Day Plans

Searcy making the announcement.
Searcy making the announcement.

You know they couldn't stop the parade or the party downtown, but a nasty battle between Savannah City Council and the Waterfront Association nearly scuttled the festival plans on the river. Today, the association announced its plans, while putting some rumors to rest.

"We're excited, the Savannah Waterfront Association is pleased to announce plans for a fabulous St. Patrick's festival on the river," said director Scott Searcy.

It's an announcement many thought would never be made after a disagreement with the city council last week. But the Savannah Waterfront Association has officially made its St. Patrick's Day plans public. "We are having live bands, so we'll put that rumor to rest," said Searcy.

But the question is, will there be a crowd, after the possible cancellation of the festival made headlines up and down the east coast? "People are definitely calling, we're getting the word out thanks to our great media parnters, we're moving forward and the headlines have definitely changed and we're looking forward to a good 2004," said Searcy.

Another thing the Waterfront Association is taking into consideration when it comes to crowds, is the fact this is the first year a gated festival will be held during the middle of the week. "We're not sure what the crowds will look like, however we are moving forward with exciting plans for a festive atmosphere," said Searcy.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro, kangelastro@wtoc.com