SSU Students Stage Sit-In

Students outside the athletic director's office.
Students outside the athletic director's office.

Some Savannah State students staged a sit-in this morning, showing support for their baseball team. The team has been upset with the administration for some time now. They have a list of grievances but say the athletic director, Hank Ford, refuses to hear them. This morning, the team, their coach and other students marched down the hall to Ford's office.They were greeted by a sign that said the office was closed for the day.

The coach even said the team may not play this weekend's scheduled game against Mercer. It was the talk of the campus today. Student Tornecia Gil told us, "Rumors are going around and people just want something to talk about."

That the baseball team is having problems with the school administration over scholarship money and one of the players has been suspended for not talking to the athletic director are just two of the things SSU students are hearing. And they're not hesitating to speak out on it.

"I think it's messed up they came here for a scholarship and they are not getting any money," said Gil.

The vice president of academic affairs, Dr. Joseph Silver, spoke to the team, and has some advice of his own. "In the passion to get your issues addressed, don't cross the line that will cause you to lose status as a good student and a good citizen," he siad.

Savannah State is just hoping this controversy will not cause the Tigers roar to die down.

The good news is that the team has decided to go ahead with its game against Mercer tomorrow.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,