Family Holds Candlelight Vigil for Rincon Woman

It's been two years since anyone has seen Allyson Romedy. The Rincon woman vanished from her home in February 2002.

On Saturday, friends, family, and even complete strangers gathered to honor Allyson, praying and hoping for closure in her disappearance. "I miss my sister, but I also miss my friend. I miss the ability to talk to her whenever I wanted to, about whatever I wanted to," said Allyson's sister, Jennifer Johnston," I miss her laugh, I'd do anything to hear her laugh one more time."

Allyson's best friend, Anne Reddick, also reminisced about her," I think about her all the time. A song will come on the radio and I'll get tears in my eyes."

People paid tribute to Allyson, writing her notes to put in a memory box. One by one, family and friends lit candles, a symbol of hope that one day Allyson will come home. "We're hoping that somebody will take pity on us, and give us that phone call we need so badly," said Allyson's mother, Beckie Becton.

Allyson's daughter, Mallorie, was the last person to see her mother alive. Now 12 years old, Mallorie is still coping with the loss of her mom. "I try my best not to think about it, but if I do, I think about the good things that have come out of it.just trying my best to get through each day as best I can," said Mallorie.

Day by day, the family struggles with frustration, not knowing where Allyson is. But they hope Saturday's vigil will get them one step closer to bringing her home. The Romedy family asks if anyone has any information about Allyson's disappearance, contact Crime Stoppers at 234-2020.

Reported by: Melanie A. Ruberti;