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John Stone's Mission in Haiti Update

Savannah's John Stone is a missionary from Islands Christian Church in Savannah. He's doing his work in a very dangerous place, Haiti. When the violence broke out and Americans were urged to leave, most did. Stone chose to stay behind. This afternoon, he spoke with WTOC via satellite phone from Camath. He talked about the violence in Haiti and why he couldn't leave.

"Basically, I have a job to do and anytime you have faith in anything, it's measured by what you are willing to give," he said. "I am willing to give my life to the work I do in the name of the Lord.

"There's an interim period right now, because no one knows who's really in authority," he went on, "but there is an indication here it's trying to get back to normal. They're pretty excited all over the country. Celebrations everywhere and people shooting their guns off in the streets. It's kind of wild right now."

Because of all the unrest, Stone says there is looting going on all over the country, but feels it will stop once the peacekeepers are put into place.

If you'd like more information about Haiti and John Stone's mission there, visit his mission's website.

Reported by: Mitch Glicken,


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