Someone You Should Know--Leslie Cooper

Leslie Cooper
Leslie Cooper

Cora Cooper of Savannah starts her day off with 13 different types of medications. She was diagnosed with diabetes ten years ago, and as a result, her kidney started going bad in 2001. Doctors put her on dialysis but told her she didn't have much longer to live with out a kidney transplant. "The doctors said just three years, and I didn't have much longer to go and I begin to start failing," she recalled.

Her 22-year-old granddaughter Leslie Cooper decided to see if she was a match. When she found out she was, she donated her left kidney and saved her grandmothers life. "My heart fell," she recalled. "I said, 'Okay, I might lose grandma and ain't nobody else to take care of me and my brother.'"

"I felt humbled, you know, I had to cry because she said she would do this for me," said Cora. "That was an unselfish act and that had to be love."

Both Leslie and Cora are doing just fine now. Doctors say the January 7 surgery was a success. Cora says it's all thanks to Leslie, her granddaughter and angel. "She's always been my angel," she said. "Moreso now because she saved my life."

Leslie Cooper, Someone You Should Know.

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