G-8 Brings Lasting Technology to Hutchinson Island

It's a well known fact that when the G-8 Summit comes to the Coastal Empire it will bring thousands of people. More than 3,000 journalists representing at least 70 countries will flock to the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center in June. The trade center is home base for the media during the G-8 summit. Bob Coffey, the General Manager of the trade center says this is an opportunity they may never see again, "It really is giving us the opportunity to internationalize in a way we couldn't do before and give us the kind of exposure internationally we could never buy."

In an effort to accommodate everyone the trade center is getting a technological face lift, courtesy of the G8 Summit. Evan Keefer, a representative from the Summit says, to start Georgia Power is donating $3.9 million of redundant power, "...which will power the trade center, it will also power the Westin and the golf course and be left behind for future use and future capacity."

But that's not all, you won't need to plug in to use the internet at the trade center $300,000 of wireless internet equipment will be left behind in the rafters of the trade center along with $750,000 worth of new phone lines. Keefer says it was needed,"upgrade that capacity from about 1200 phone lines right now to 3,000."

All of this will be left behind so it's a tool for growth on hutchinson island as well as a marketing advantage for the trade center. "Overall it's gonna be about $5.15 million worth of improvements left here at the trade center which will actually make the trade center the most technologically advanced facility of it's size in the entire country."