Gambling Boat on its Way to Savannah

It was suppose to arrive last week but everyone's still waiting for the Millionaire's casino boat.

It was supposed to be docked up right by the Hyatt Hotel, but right now it's nowhere to be found and nobody seems to know much about the gambling boat they hope will bring a lot more business to River Street.

"I don't understand, I mean if they don't have any problems with the license, what's delaying them," said Nick Pappas, owner of Olympia Cafe.

While business owners anticipate the arrival of the Millionaire's Casino, the city's revenue department says the plans are still a go. "They applied for the alcohol license in December because I think they were anticipating starting up earlier in the year," said Buddy Clay who works for the City of Savannah Revenue Department.

That anticipation, also has some possible customers confused. "It's due in this week, been delayed, already been here by now, but other than that it sounds kind of interesting. I didn't know that that kind of thing was availible," said Bob O'Neal, who is currently on vacation from Virginia.

While nobody really knows when a boat like this will be ready to take it's maiden voyage, WTOC was told it will be arriving very soon.

"As of today it's my understanding that the vessel is in transit from Tampa, Florida and should be arriving here in the next couple of days," said Clay.

While many businesses and tourist anticipate the new arrival, there's still some question on when this mysterious Gambling boat will be open for business.

WTOC tried to contact the owners of the Millionaire's Casino Boat, but they were out of town. The gambling boat is on schedule to arrive by this weekend.