Money Wise--More Room in Your Rooms

There are a handful of things just about everybody would say they want more of, like money or time. But what about space? One thing that takes up space is appliances, and while you may think you have no alternatives, but you actually do.  Good Housekeeping tested six new space-saving appliances to see how well they worked.

If you've always wanted an additional freezer, but don't have the room, Good Housekeeping suggests the haier upright freezer. "The Haier compact freezer is so small it can fit under a counter, it can even be stored in a closet," said Marjorie Cubisino, the Good Housekeeping Institute's food appliances director.

If you want to save counter space, the Krups automatic rice cooker can help. "It is a 3 1/2 quart slow cooker, it'll steam up to ten cups of rice and it will also steam fresh vegetables," explained Cubisino.

Another space saver is Cuisinart's Handy Prep three-cup food processor. Though small in size, it has enough power to slice pepperoni, knead dough or cut a huge cabbage for coleslaw.

And there is an electronic device that can crunch a number of gizmos into one box. The Audiovox "ultra slim under cabinet device" is a TV, CD/DVD player, a radio, clock and speakerphone. "This unit is best for any room where you might have cabinetry that you would want to hang it under," said Gary Zukowski, GHI's engineering director.

Another electronic space saver is this 15-inch Zenith LCD TV monitor. It is slim, lightweight and comes with its own stand. Designed to fit on a counter, bookshelf or desk, it can easily be taken from room to room. "We found that the TV had a great picture quality and really good sound quality as well," said Zukowski.

If you want the power of a professional vacuum cleaner but don't want a cumbersome machine, Good Housekeeping recommends the Hoover Fold Away upright vacuum cleaner.

You can find out more about these space savers on the Good Housekeeping website.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,