Student Says Teacher Kicked Her

Karina Mims says her teacher kicked her.
Karina Mims says her teacher kicked her.

A Chatham County middle school student says she was injured by one of her teachers yesterday. The child's mother is now calling for the teacher's resignation. Bartlett Middle School eighth grader Karina Mims says the teacher not only told her to get away from her, but kicked her and threw a chair.

"We had a party and she was coming in to get some pizza and that's when it all started," said Karina. Karina says she was trying to give her teacher a hug, when the teacher turned toward her, kicked her and pushed her away. She then rushed over to a stack of chairs.

But the whole time, Karina thought the teacher was joking. "She threw the chair and I looked at her to see if she was smiling and she wasn't smiling, she was upset," she told us.

That's when Karina ended up in the nurse's office. "She was sent to the nurse's office to get it checked out," Tammy Stone, Karina's mother, told us. "They put ice on it for the swelling, she was questioned by the teacher and the assistant principal about what happened and nobody contacted me about anything."

But Karina tried to resolve the problem, by talking to her teacher. "I was like, 'Any other day it's fine when I touch you or say hello to you or give you a handshake or anything,'" said Karina. "And she admitted to it and said, 'Yes any other day, but not today because I'm going through some things and I'm not feeling it.'"

Now Karina's mother wants to know why this was allowed to happen in the first place and after several calls to the school and the school board over the last two days, she wants to know why nothing is being done. "If she had attacked the teacher, it wouldn't have been like that," she said.

We spoke with the principal of Bartlett Middle School and he said he wouldn't comment on the situation until it was resolved. We will let you know what happens.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,