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Editorial - 2/13/12

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Yet again, we have a prominent American undercutting us overseas, as the President did, in 2009, in France, when he labeled America a sometimes "arrogant" nation. This time it was Clinton-appointee, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, responding to questions from Egyptian media, who said (quote):  "I would not look to the U.S. Constitution, if  I were drafting (one) (today)." She went on to say that Egyptians should be guided, instead, by constitutions written (quote): "since the end of World War II."  Translation:  America's Constitution, despite its Amendments, is outdated, stogy, and lacking hand-outs. As such (and here's the sweet-spot for lefties), it should simply be ignored, the clear-preference of this Administration.  Justice Ginsberg's Cairo remarks were made in the context of Egypt's transition to, in her words, a "real democratic state."  Yes, Madam Justice, when pyramids fly.   The Egyptian uprising replaced a dictator, with the likely dictatorial-ideology of the now-dominant Muslim Brotherhood, hardly the pathway to liberty.  Is it really too much to ask that America's public figures, elected and otherwise, make their overseas utterances supportive, reserving any discontent for within the family here at home? 

Our inspired Constitution, the very source of our structure, laws and freedoms, has been our guidepost for over 200-years.  Despite our flaws and failings, we've become the most prosperous, industrious, innovative and giving country on earth.  In sum, the greatest nation ever created.  So, then, either truly-love America, warts and all, or follow your nirvanic-delusions to that blissful land of your egalitarian-dreams.  An enchanted place of perfect balance between give and take, meaning a government that'll give you everything you want, while taking everything you have.

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