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Twin Draft Guard

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - On chilly Winter days the last thing you want is that cold air sneaking into your house underneath a drafty door or window. But now the 'Twin Draft Guard' is suppose to fix that problem for you by quickly and easily sealing the bottoms of your windows and doors. This week we're going to 'Try It Before You Buy It.'

According to the 'Twin Draft Guard' commercial, "30% of your energy bill is literally flying out the door! Introducing Twin Draft Guard, the double sided insulating miracle that's guaranteed to create an airtight seal!"

Like every man does, I read the instructions first and found it was pretty simple to assemble. You just need to attach four Styrofoam tubes together making two long tubes. Then slide them into the twin guard sleeve. Once everything was put together I made my way over to Eric Flack's office in the 'Troubleshooter' department for some help. I needed a door to test the ability of the 'Twin Draft Guard' to keep out those pesky drafts.

The TV commercial depicts someone using a birthday banner to illustrate how the draft guard keeps the wind from blowing in from under your door. I didn't have a banner so I made one out of copy paper. After borrowing a hair dryer from 'Midday' anchor Lori Lyle, I went to work.

The 'Twin Draft Guard' did keep the air from coming in under the door. The product passed the first test.  It's also suppose to be good for sealing around doors that lead into your garage, where you might have a lot of fumes coming from. I tried it on the door leading to the station's garage and wasn't very impressed. However, it may not be a product issue, but rather the fact that the door has a high threshold and there's a concrete floor underneath. The 'Twin Draft Guard' had a hard time smoothly moving across the concrete while attached to the door and the fabric got stuck in the door jam.

In the end, the test on the outside garage door didn't do as well as the one we did inside, but again, I think it all depends on the individual kind of door. As far as an indoor sealant maybe for your main door into your home or office, it does a real good job. The product is a little expensive though. The one we purchased for the test was $20. But it could very well be worth the money to you if drafty doors in your home or office are a big problem.

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