ATM Smash and Grab Cases Very Similar

Surveillance video shows a pickup backing through the wall of the store.
Surveillance video shows a pickup backing through the wall of the store.

Within 24 hours, crooks broke into two Savannah convenience stores and stole the ATMs. The two stores are just blocks apart. At this point, police aren't saying whether or not both stores were hit by the same robbers, but they do say there's an awful lot of similarities.

Surveillance tape from a Shell convenience store early Sunday morning shows a pickup truck as it smashes into the side of the store. Two thieves throw the ATM in the back and drive off. The exact same thing happened to the BP station just down the road this morning.

Now workers are hammering away, trying to rebuild the walls that burglars knocked down. It's a scene that's all to familiar for the owner of the Shell, Jeff Parrish. "It's real frustrating, but you know on the flipside maybe it will lead to somebody getting arrested for it," he said.

After hearing what happened a day later to his neighbor less than half a mile down the road, Parrish says he's not only upset, but that he's not surprised. Even though police say store owners have done everything they can do protect themselves by having some of the best surveillance, it still didn't stop the thieves from taking what they wanted. "It's not going to catch anybody, but it will probably eventually lead to somebody because, with this system we have, you can kind of network with other people," said Parrish.

Although police have yet to say if the same burglars committed both crimes, they recovered both ATMs and are developing new leads. "It's just a matter of time before these fellas get it, because there getting a little too bold," said Parrish.

If you know anything about these two burglaries, call CrimeStoppers at 234-2020.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,