Editorial - 2/20/12

You'll be delighted to know that acknowledgement of God Almighty in public  continues to be challenged by those on society's fringe.  The kool-aid is flowing in New England, where one atheist family filed to have "under God" removed from our pledge, while near-by, due to cost, a school district has opted not to appeal a court decision that sided with one atheist student who was "offended" by a nondenominational prayer banner, long-displayed in her high school auditorium.  In a 2012 Newsweek poll, 91% of Americans surveyed expressed a belief in God, while elsewhere, at least 85% of us don't want God removed from our pledge.  For those self-centered few, so offended by God's existence, kindly take your whines to Europe where secularism is on fire….much like Hell.

And, for those who prefer to have government tentacles reach ever-further into their lives.  At a North Carolina elementary school, a government inspector, ruled that a 4-year-old's lunch, nutritional, and packed at home by her Mom, didn't meet Fed standards, forcing the youngster to, instead, eat the cafeteria's chicken nuggets! Same experience with another child. Both health-conscious Moms later received a bill for the forced cafeteria food.  Momma Fed digging into packed-lunches, and dictating that kids must eat fee-based government-food.  Increased intrusion, riding rough-shod over our liberties, clearly the game-plan of the D.C. mafia.  Also, last week, lefty Maxine Waters labeled House leaders "demons," and Jimmy Carter called us "extra stingy" for not sharing more wealth with the world.  All in all, then, it was a very good week for ignoring the Constitution, ignoring the presence and power of God, and for experiencing D.C.'s increasing dictatorship, a toxic potion, accelerating the destructive disintegration of our America.