Fit Club: 'The Poor Chef' fights diabetes

Charles Mattocks, the Poor Chef
Charles Mattocks, the Poor Chef

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Millions of Americans have diabetes or at least know someone with the disease and now celebrity Chef Charles Mattocks is making it his mission to become the rock.

WTOC caught up with "The Poor Chef" at the Southern Women's show this weekend.

When Charles Mattocks, aka "The Poor Chef," discovered that he was a diabetic it wasn't only his eating habits that changed.

He said doctors would just prescribe medicine rather than say lose weight, diet and exercise.

"That alarmed me and triggered me to change my life," said Mattocks.

After his diagnosis, Mattocks made it his goal to spread diabetes awareness and promote early detection and frequent testing.

"We stress portion control, which is the most important key," said Mattocks. "I would say eat a lot of the same foods, just change it up. If you like rice, then maybe get brown rice. If you like chicken, instead of frying it, of course, bake it and add vegetables."

Using his knowledge of food and healthy eating habits, he aims to teach people living with diabetes that the road to good health is attainable with simple lifestyle and diet changes.

"I really stress walking, especially before you go to bed it's tremendous," said Mattocks. "I lost literally, I would say maybe 15-20 pounds in month and half. In a sense I have reversed my diabetes."

With more than 350 million people worldwide with diabetes, Mattocks is kicking off a diabetic mall testing tour.

"There are over 7 million with diabetes and don't know it. We have venders, cooking demos, Walgreen is there, Doctors testing. We figured this would be a great concentration (at the mall.)"

Helping to change the lives of people with diabetes while reaching the millions who don't know they have the disease.

"With proper diet, exercise and nutrition you can do wonders for your life with diabetes," said Mattocks.

Mattocks also has a brand-new website dedicated to diabetes awareness and a sugar-free, gluten-free and low in net carbs candy bar, the Charles bar.

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