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InSITE--Supreme Court Online

It's the highest court in the land, the final decision-maker in some of our country's most controversial disputes. Now household names, cases like Roe vs. Wade and Brown vs. Board of Education were argued before the Supreme Court. Now you can read--and listen to--those arguments online, showing that the court that makes history is keeping with the times.

It's a site called Oyez--from a term used by a court or public crier to gain attention before a proclamation--and its mission as the US Supreme Court's multimedia archive is to give people access to the cases that have formed the cornerstones of American law.

Like Miranda vs. Arizona, the famous proceedings that led to "you have the right to remain silent." On Oyez, you can listen to the arguments and read the opinion of the court, which noted that "the blood of the accused is not the only hallmark of an unconstitutional inquisition."

You can also tour the building where these historic cases are decided to this day, and meet the justices involved in rulings that still divide national opinion, like those who presided over Roe versus Wade.

You can look back at other cases decided on this day in history, and even see what's on the court's current docket. Of course, since it's a site essentially about argument and discussion, the legally inclined can talk over ongoing or past cases in the online forum.

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