Martha Stewart Products Continue to Sell Locally

The future remains uncertain for Martha Stewart and the business empire she's created. Stewart appeared yesterday at a meeting with a federal probation officer who will recommend the length of her prison sentence. It was also announced that CBS and UPN will no longer carry her syndicated show, Martha Stewart Living. Board members for Stewart's company will meet some time this week to discuss their next step.

While there may be a lot of uncertainty about the Martha Stewart empire, her line of products continues to sell very well. Kmart is the exclusive retail chain for Martha Stewart Living, and based on what we've seen today, customers have various opinions about Stewart and all the issues surrounding her. But they remain loyal to the products that bear her name.

"I really think they are flocking in to buy her products," said Evelyn Day, manager of the Kmart on Montgomery Cross Road. "I think they are backing Martha Stewart. I think they are kind of sad to see what happened to her. I think the women here really like her line. So they are in here buying it."

As soon as you step in the door of any Kmart store, you will see her name. Stewart's line includes all kinds of products for the home. "She has good products, good for the house," said Day. "Good for the bedroom, bathroom. People are in here to buy them."

Most customers agree that Stewart may have done something wrong, but they also feel sending her to jail serves no real purpose. "I think it's sad because she's such a brilliant woman and had so much to offer and did so much, and really in her own way served as an example of what a woman could and should aspire to be," said shopper Dotti Black.

The bottom line is, Martha Stewart products are high quality at a reasonable price, a basic principle that keeps customers coming back for more. While many of Stewart's business partners are bailing out, Kmart appears to be staying on board. We've made several calls to the store's corporate offices, but calls were not returned. Kmart's website has no mention of any changes in the company's association with Martha Stewart.

Reported by: Ron Wallace,