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Someone You Should Know--Daniel Bolta

Daniel Bolta Daniel Bolta

As a senior at Savannah Country Day School, Daniel Bolta is doing big things. He's an athlete, he takes advanced placement classes. He excels in his AP German class as well as everything else he puts his mind to. That's why he was recently given the Student Teacher Achievement Recognition--or STAR--award.

"I really try and go around without recognition, but it's sort of nice," he said.

STAR students have to be in the top ten percent of the class and the best of the best when it comes to SAT scores. Out of a possible 1600, Daniel scored more than 1500 on his SATs, the highest score of all the STAR students in Chatham County.

"I've really seen my parents work hard," said Daniel. "Seeing what they've accomplished, it sort of helped me work hard."

That's in and out of the classroom. He takes four AP classes, he's on the baseball team, he's an eagle scout, volunteers for a Christian youth organization, he works as a lifeguard on Tybee, and he maintains an A average. "I try not to worry about grades, because that drives me insane," he said. "I try to work and do as well as I think I can."

And his best, teachers say, is impressive. "He's a very bright student and he's a very talented student and his thinking skills are so great that he can excel in all areas," said German teacher Joachim Michels.

"I can take what I got here and go on in life," said Daniel. "Take these tools that I built here with these educators at this school and do something with it."

Daniel wants to become a chemical engineer. The winner of the regional STAR student competition will be announced in Statesboro later this month.

Daniel Bolta, Someone You Should Know.

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