Fire Displaces East Side Families

A fire broke out at the Oak Forest Apartments on DeRenne and LaRoche this afternoon, leaving at least two families without a place to stay. Fortunately, no one was injured, but 11 people were displaced.

"Everything's gone," said Alica Holbrook. "Baby's clothes, my clothes. Everything."

"It's real hard to just get those things back," said Diana Wright, a victim's relative. "We'll never be able to."

Residents say the fire started in a kitchen in the downstairs apartment and spread rather quickly. "It was pretty bad," said firefighter Adam Christensen with the Southside Fire Department. "We were able to get a quick stop on it, and they saved, basically, this side of the building."

What they weren't able to save was what residents call memories inside that building. "Personal things that they've had, pictures," said Wright. "They have a picture of me I just took and I haven't taken a picture since high school."

But whether it's pictures, furniture or clothes, all the families agree they're lucky to have made it out alive. The Red Cross is helping them.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,