Editorial - 2/27/12

Despite most measurable signs to the contrary, the Administration's hallucination-chorus proclaims to the gullible that the economy's growing stronger, a mirage in homage to D.C.'s reining patron-saint, Pinocchio.   And now, as fuel prices rise, the White House has identified a magic-bullet for reducing oil need. That sassy, little miracle-in-a-pond called algae.  Putting actual green in "green," thanks to pond scum and seaweed, our future glows ever-brighter, as millions more of our tax dollars will be handed to major campaign-donors, touting still more energy schemes, this time with scum-based solutions.  Despite the fact that the private-sector should be taking the risks to fund and develop alternative-energies, not public tax-monies, regardless, by 2035, only 13% of our energy needs will come from renewable sources, so says the Government's-own Energy Information Administration!

And speaking of migraines at the pump, and the falsehood that we can't "drill our way to lower gas prices," the President told us that, while our share of world oil consumption is hefty, we only have (quote):  "2% of the oil reserves."  That whopper noses-out even Pinocchio.  The truth is that America's reserves are huge, enough to handle our known needs for as long as 200-years, but are untapped by a no-or-slow-permitting White House, now with green trim.  Meanwhile, in fib-land, we're told the Keystone pipeline denial was the Republican's fault, and, yet again, that unemployment checks stimulate the economy, and that successful citizens should pay higher taxes just for the "privilege of being an American."  Algae as energy-miracle is merely the latest from the vault of fables, as this White House continues to channel Little Red Riding Hood's wolf persona:  the better to deceive you with, my dear.