Bill Proposed to Mandate Elementary School Recess

Is elementary school supposed to be all work and no play? It could be, if state lawmakers have their way. A bill to give students a 15-minute recess each day is not getting much support. WTOC went to an elementary school to see if recess is really necessary. The educators we spoke with say that recess is very important for kids, and the teachers themselves.

For most kids, their favorite part of the school day doesn't involve classrooms and teachers. Teachers at Gadsen Elementary School say that the new bill just doesn't add up.

Jakie Mcbrayer, who teaches fourth grade, told us, "I think it's important for children to have an opportunity to cool down and decompress."

"They are cooped up in the classroom all day," added gym teacher Julia Harwell. "It's much needed recess time."

Kindergartners through fifth graders at this school get at least 20 minutes of recess every day. And these kids take their playground politics very seriously. "Recess is fun and I would never come back to school until I got recess back," said eight-year-old Corey.

Although teachers aren't taking it that far, when it comes to school recess they're on the same page as the students. "It's [very important] for teachers to have a break from the classroom with 25 kids," said Harwell. "It's definitely important for teachers."

The proposed bill will be heard by the House Education Committee. We'll have to wait and see what the outcome is.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,