Editorial - 3/6/12

Once upon a time, "My, My, My," was what Grandma said when seeing our really good report-card.  And "me-me-me" was reserved for singers warming-up.  Sadly, both have become the self-focused calling-card of the "It's-all-about-me" entitlement generation.  Well beyond just promising a hamburger "your way," it's a pervasive, socially-engineered "I've-gotta-be-me," means of self-glorification, further-convincing the flock that it's them, around whom our solar-system now rotates.  Increasingly the age of self-interest, satisfied, preferably, through little or no self-effort, banking, literally, on hand-outs, from an all-powerful central government, focused, ironically, not on individuals, as the "Me" clan thinks, but rather on the collective, a captive-herd of passive human cattle, that expendable-mass ultimately populating Marxist regimes.

Finding there's no "me" in "us," an economics professor at a Florida college  assigned almost 200-students to write on their view of the American Dream and D.C.'s role in achieving it. A full-80% said they expected things like: free health care, free tuition, a home down-payment, government help getting a job, and further taxing the wealthy, so their own lives would be better.  Wrote one student:  "As human beings, we're not really responsible for our own acts. So we need government to control those who don't care about others."  Youthful-gibberish, trumping personal initiative and effort.  It's "government-solves-all," mind-control-passivity, the kind that threatens the future of our democratic-republic. We must redirect our focus to limiting government and preserving personal freedoms.  If individual responsibility ever gives-way to collective-irresponsibility, we will have paved our way to the unthinkable:  America as the new Soviet Union.