Fit Club: Picking the right shoe

Find the right athletic shoe
Find the right athletic shoe

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - From full support to free forming, the options in the world of athletic shoes are endless. Deep down, you're probably wondering does price or brand matter?

"The biggest thing that makes a difference in higher priced shoes over a lower priced one is honestly the research and development that goes into it," said Finish Line shoe expert Brandon Downs. "A pair of running shoes is really like a car, you get what you pay for out of it."

An average athletic shoe will run $80.

Here's what you need to look for:

That gray portion of the sole isn't just for looks. The longer and darker it is, the more stable arch support it has.

Also, make sure you get an accurate fit.

Ladies, you typically want half of your thumb or less of room from the tip of your toes to the tip of the shoe and guys your a half-thumb's length or more. That way your foot has enough room to move around while you workout.

If you buy the wrong shoe: "Your toes could feel numb in the front, pain in your arch or shin splints can actually develop takes about two to three weeks for you to actually feel shin splints," said Downs.

Make sure you try on shoes during the general time you workout, because as the day goes on your foot swells.

Now, on the top of non-traditional athelic shoes - one type that is gaining popularity are Vibrams or five-finger shoes.

"It allows my foot to flex and move in a more natural state," said Logan Hejl.

Plagued with a low arch and constant foot problems, Hejl said Vibrams are the only shoes that offers the relief he needs so he can hit the pavement.

He's also living proof that running works.

"Before I started running and really training I was 220 pounds. I've gotten down to 170," said Hejl.

You can also find a lot of information about fitness shoes online.

You're best bet it to go into store talk to local experts and really make sure it's the right fit before you buy.

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