Vendors Rush to Prepare for St. Patrick's Day

It's two days and counting until Saint Patrick's Day. While we wait for one of the biggest parades in the country to take place, many businesses are stocking up to handle the crowds. All morning long, vendors have been hustling, making sure all the businesses on River Street are ready to roll.

For the past week, all kinds of vendors have been parking along the most famous street in Savannah to deliver all kinds of goods: food, clean floor mats and of course beer. For delivery folks like Derek Campbell of United Distributors, this day is the busiest. It's one of the last chances businesses have to stock up on everything they need before the big day. "It's really hectic for the most part and it's really busy trying to get everyone their beer," he said.

While final preparations are made to put up the gates and place all the extra facilities in case nature calls, many vendors have been working overtime knowing it's just a few more days until the rush is all over. "We're just trying to get done and off the street and go home," said Rob Beasley of Cintas.

If you're heading downtown to enjoy the Saint Patrick's Day festivities and you need information on parking, the parade and other events, click here.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,