Authorities Urge St. Pat's Visitors Not to "Park Creatively"

The festival on River Street is certainly not the only St. Patrick's Day event taking place this week. With so many different events going on downtown, it can be really tough to find a parking place. If you don't know where to park for the parade, the green may be coming out of your wallet. "For illegally parked cars [the fine is] $35 and tow bills are over $100," said Sgt. Anthony Gallo with Savannah-Chatham police.

On St. Patrick's Day last year, almost 200 cars were towed away because they were illegally parked. With the thousands of people in town for the day festivities this year, it will be hard finding that perfect spot, so Parking Services says it's best to think ahead. Parking Services coordinator Jim Gilliamsen advised visitors to "plan their parking as carefully as they plan everything else, like eating lunch or watching the parade."

If you don't want to drive around downtown Savannah looking for that perfect spot, you can catch a CAT at the Oglethorpe Mall, or you can park at the State Street, Robinson or Bryant Street garages. They will be open 24 hours.

But the best advice is to wear comfortable shoes. "Prepare to walk," said Gilliamsen. "Park on 37th Street or even south of 37th and walk up to the parade route."

And Savannah-Chatham police say there are parking signs posted everywhere and they will not be very sympathetic to excuses.

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Reported by: Hena Daniels,