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Someone You Should Know--Father Joseph Ware

Father Joseph Ware Father Joseph Ware

Father Joseph Ware was the first ever grand marshal's chaplain, and now he's the man in charge. He is preparing to lead one of the biggest St. Patrick's Day parades in the country. It's an accomplishment he's been dreaming about all his life, and he's been kept pretty busy these days.

"It's the greatest honor an Irishman can receive in Savannah," he said.

He was formally presented to the city at his public investiture at the Marriott Riverfront. He gave an Irish blessing to kick off Tara Feis, made the water green at the Greening of the Fountain at Forsyth Park, and he was serenaded at an Exchange Club meeting as part of an annual tradition.

But Father Ware isn't complaining. He loves the attention his new role brings. "I've lived 80 years to come to a day like this," he said.

Celebrating the big day Savannah style is no stranger to Father Ware. "I've pretty much celebrated this way for years," he told us. "I started out when I was just able to walk."

But this time, he won't be on the sidelines. He'll ride his way along the parade route front and center. And he's looking forward to all the fanfare, to "waving at all the people along the way, seeing them enjoy the day as much as I do."

Father Joseph Ware, grand marshal for Savannah's 180th St. Patrick's Day parade and Someone You Should Know.

Of course you can see the grand marshal perform his duties during the 2004 St. Patrick's Day parade on WTOC. We will have live coverage starting at 8am with mass at the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. That will be followed by the preparade show at 9am, and of course the actual parade at 10am.

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