Business Report Slow Going on River Street

St. Patrick's Day mid-week is not usually the boon for business it is when it falls closer to a weekend. As of this evening, River Street is more crowded than usual, as people lined up to get in for the first day of the festival, but businesses say people aren't turning out in the numbers they expected.

They say it's not all because the festival fell in the middle of the week. "I think the fiasco between the Waterfront Association and the city council really put a black eye on the City of Savannah, the name of St. Patrick's Day with the City of Savannah," said restaurant owner Steve Jones.

And restaurants aren't the only ones complaining. Merchant Rudy Gadsik told us, "We sell hundreds of thousands of beads, usually, and beer of course. It's been pretty slow. The weekend actually was probably one of the slowest we've had."

Businesses hope the luck of the Irish will bring a few will bring a few more good leprechauns around. "We're hoping tonight will get busy and then we'll have a good day tomorrow, to kind of make up for the weekend," said Gadsik.

Businesses say usually the biggest time for them is right after the St. Patrick's Day parade.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,