Crews from Navy warships join parade

USS Whidbey Island
USS Whidbey Island

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Members of three US Navy warships will be marching in the St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday.

The Savannah Council, Navy League of the United States is hosting the three crews who are in Savannah.

An estimated 60 personnel from the visiting warship USS Whidbey Island, which sailed into Savannah on Thursday and is moored near the Talmadge Bridge, will be in the vanguard. The ship is the lead ship in a class of 12 fleet and it is a landing ship dock, which transports marines into combat. It has just returned from a record setting 10-month deployment to the Middle East.

Sailors from both of the Navy League warships are also marching in the parade. Sixty sailors and the Commanding Officer from the Blue Crew of the nuclear submarine USS Alaska will march, an estimated 30 crew members from the frigate USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58), according to the Navy League. In all, we expect roughly 150 sailors to be marching in the group.

"The Navy tries to support the St. Patrick's Day celebration down here in savannah every year with a ship. About six months ago when we were still on deployment, I saw that it was still available and jumped and had us get penciled in for the schedule," said Cmdr. Eric Conzone, Capt. of USS Whidbey Island.

Alaska is based at Kings Bay, Ga. Jacksonville, Fla., is the home part of the Samuel B. Roberts.

This is the second year sailors from USS Alaska participated in the parade. Last year, the Gold Crew marched in the parade.

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